Shipping Instructions

Peters’ Taxidermy receives your shipments from out of the area, out of the state, or out of the country. Laminated shipping tags are available at your request either by stopping by our showroom or request them to be mailed to you. When shipping from out of area or out of state, trophy capes or hides should be fleshed and turned, and then salted.

NO ROCK SALT PLEASE! Salted and dried cape or hide can be sent regular UPS, NO PLASTIC BAGS please! If not fleshed or turned, then freeze. Ship frozen cape or hide next day or two-day UPS airfreight. Clearly mark package “Perishable”

When hunting out of country, please contact Peters’ Taxidermy before your hunting adventure.Again, laminated shipping tags are available at your request. We will provide a packet of information for your convenience about traveling abroad. Our shipping contact at the Port of Seattle is International Freight Systems. Their contact information is:

All out of country shipments should be routed to the Port of Seattle for clearing purposes. All clearing and shipping arrangements can be made through International Freight Systems. Peters’ Taxidermy will pick up your shipment after clearing at Sea-Tac Airport at no charge to you if all trophies in that shipment are being processed at our establishment.

Thank you for calling us before leaving on your next hunting adventure!

International Freight Systems
19803 1st Ave S #102
Seattle, WA 98148
Telephone: (206) 433-2614
FAX: (206) 433-2807

Please include with shipment:

Complete Name
Phone and FAX
Hunting License Number
Tag and or Seal Number
County and State where taken