Field Care

At Peters’ Taxidermy, we believe that field care is the first and foremost important factor in a quality Taxidermy mount.  As we strive to preserve your memories of your hunt, we encourage you to gather as much knowledge as possible about the field care of your trophy.  Below are some very important factors of proper field care

  • Visit your taxidermist before the hunt
  • Carry a game bag or breathable cloth along with you
  • Carry a drag blanket or tarp for transporting on ground
  • Please do not use a plastic bag under any condition
  • After skinning, cool out the cape or hide, before folding or bagging
  • Cape or hide can be dipped in a creek, lake, river, to cool before bagging
  • Do not salt a cape or hide unless it has been fleshed and turned (eyes, lips, nose, ears)
  • If you must salt a cape or hide, do not use rock salt, use non-iodized salt
  • When in doubt about an incision, call or take to taxidermist before cutting
  • Do not cut throat
  • Birds also need to be kept cold after harvesting, feathers can “slip” as well
  • Keep birds’ feathers uniform and fold head back over birds shoulder for storage
  • Wrap birds’ beak, bill, in tissue or paper toweling to soak up leakage
  • Leave birds whole, make no incisions, keep cold or freeze
  • Do not transport carcass or cape/hide over exhaust pipe in back of vehicle
  • Remember-KEEP IT COOL!!